Projekt nr LIFE11 ENV/PL/000447/1

Projekt współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską ze środków Instrumentu Finansowego
dla Środowiska LIFE+ oraz Narodowy Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska i Gospodarki Wodnej


The range of actions

The range of actions destined in the project include:

1. The prototype implementation of the integrated technology of the improvement of absorption of the geothermal deposit layer

  • Modern soft acidizing method
  • Innovatory super soft acidizing method

2. Testing the method in real geological conditions, reference for Central and Eastern Europe.

3. Dissemination of the information on progress and results of the prototype testing.

The prototype implementation

Within the demonstration project it will be carried out the tests installation lasting 12 months, in which capability to prevention of the sediment   precipitation from exploitation  thermal water will be assessed. They will be preceded by a 6-month start-up period of the system. Running tests  anticipated within the project will allow to get the correct data necessary to properly evaluation of the functioning and stability of the installation effects.

Evaluation the results of the implementation

Anticipated within the project the evaluation of the first implementation the full-scale technology (prototype) will be including:

1. monitoring the instalation work parameters of soft and super soft acidizing  using an automatic registration parameters work system and their analysis,

2. evaluation of the results the installation test in real conditions by:

  • an analysis of the composition and quantity of chemicals dosage to  geothermal circulation and the obtained results with the project expectations,
  • the laboratory evaluation of chemical properties of geothermal waters,
  • recording and analysis of geothermal circulation work parameters using industrial automation systems.

3. assessment of the prototype stability after finishing the tests by:

  •   analysis of reports from usage,
  •   failure analysis reports and periodic reviews,
  •  carrying out dismantled prototype laboratory research.

After finishing the test, the  prototype  installation will be disassembled and transferred to the laboratory research described above. After their completed reprocessing of the prototype will be performed.

The communication and dissemination information

A complement to  the technical activities, such as a prototype implementation will be provided and run parallel to them information and promotion activities. Their aims will be the promotion and curiosity of presented technology stakeholders of the project, which include other geothermal plants in Central Europe, scientific- research institutions or local governments. To encourage the stakeholders to use demonstrated in the project  integrated method of improving the absorption of the geothermal deposit layer, apart from traditional methods of knowledge dissemination, it is expected their active involvement in the process of evaluating the results of the tests carried out by:

  • current enquiring about  their progress in electronic form,
  • the possibility of  personal visiting the place of testing,
  •  active participation in the evaluation of the results by the possibility of their consultation.

 The list of the project actions:

1. Preparatory actions

2. Implementation actions

  •  making of the prototype
  • testing the working of the prototype in the real conditions
  • evaluation of the tests results of the prototype
  • materials

3. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

  •  monitoring the impact of the project on raised environmental problem
  •  the socio-economic evaluation of the project effects 

4. Communication and dissemination actions

  • the communication plan after ending realization of the project
  • the information boards
  • the website of the project
  • Reporting in non-specialist language
  • The media activities
  • Workshops, seminars, conferences
  • Preparation and publication of brochures, films, maps, et.
  • The technical publication relating to the project 

5.  Project management and monitoring of the project progress

  • Project management by Pyrzyce Geotherma LLC
  • The Monitoring
  • The Audit
  •  Networking activities