Projekt nr LIFE11 ENV/PL/000447/1

Projekt współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską ze środków Instrumentu Finansowego
dla Środowiska LIFE+ oraz Narodowy Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska i Gospodarki Wodnej

Communication materials

Super soft acidizing

The method of SSA is the improvement of the soft acidizing method, which disadvantage was not rhytmic systematic applying endeavours – injection of hydrochloric acid and removing the effects of colmatation, and not prevention of incrustation. The improved method comes from the innovative treatment  depending on  going from the recurrent of improvement the absorption of the geothermal deposit layer to their integration with the method allowing the maintaing of the absorptivity.

Description of the methods and improvements

SSA provides by reducing the concentration of used acid, the work continuity of the geothermal rotation, the high level efficiency of the injection of geothermal water and high safety of the environment.

The improved method depending on preventation of colmatation by the constant dosage of significantly lower than defined in programme of the soft acidizing dosages of 30% deoxygenated hydrochloric acid with the addition of antiscale or dispersant to flowing brine before the filters and heat exchangers. Dosages of little doses of antiscale or/and dispersant allow to reduce the dose of the hydrochloric acid, amount to several dozen of grams of the acid per 1 m3 the brain. In the SSA method SMK the process of degradation of the hydrochloric acid occurs only in the injecting pump (fast reaction) and not in the injection well or geothermal deposit layer.

The process improvements within the SSA method will allow to:

-the stabilization of  the high level of pumping – lack of the progressive privation of the absorption

-the growth of the efficiency of the geothermal source of energy

-reducing of the technical ties-up

-the growth of the environment safety

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